Youtube Partnership With Ticketmaster To Increase Ticket Sales

Maintaining online presence is very important for businesses all over the world. If you are not yet using videos to generate awareness for your brand, start now because videos have a wide reach and can easily generate the traffic that your business needs. No one does it better than marketing agency in Thailand when it comes marketing techniques that reach and engage with potential customers.

Videos generate an overwhelming amount of online traffic and YouTube tops the list of effective mediums for video marketing. YouTube has recently announced that it can attract more than 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users. In a blog, YouTube’s music team wrote about their commitment to help artists in building deeper connections with their fans. These fans do not only watch their favourite videos, they are willing to pay to see live performances.

Aside from being an online marketing platform, YouTube will soon be selling tickets. Google/Alphabet platform has made a ticketing partnership with Ticketmaster. The deal includes YouTube to advertise the concert listings within the artist’s videos and then encourage users to buy tickets to live performances through Ticketmaster.

The results of the partnership between YouTube and Ticketmaster will only be seen in the United States but eventually, the plan is to spread the initiative to other countries. Live concerts provide artists with bigger revenues and if they can reach their fans and update them their upcoming performances, more tickets will be sold.

Fans who love watching an official video of their favourite artist on YouTube are provided with upcoming concert listings. A simple click on a link will bring them to Ticketmaster to purchase a ticket. YouTube will start to feature upcoming tour dates of hundreds of US artists on their videos. The massive audience generated by YouTube videos will make meaningful connections between fans and artists.

Aside from video marketing, there are other promotional strategies that marketing agency in Thailand does well like online and mobile marketing techniques, direct marketing, enhancement of brand and corporate identity, public relations and market analysis. Only the best solutions will be applied to ensure that your brand will become a trendsetter in Thailand.