Writing A Great Christmas Song

During Christmas, you get to do a lot of fun things. When you were a child, the most fun thing you had probably done was opening Christmas presents, having snowball fights with your friends and family and making Snow men. But now that you are older, you are faced with more responsibility and the things you do during Christmas have probably changed a lot. Being an adult, the things you can do during Christmas mostly revolve around getting the entire household into the Christmas spirit, shopping for and giving presents, and making your loved ones feel happy. Speaking of happy, there are a number of ways to spread happiness during the Christmas season and one of them is creating a Christmas tune.

If you write your own Christmas song, the chances for it to become a household favorite are very high. Music is a powerful thing, and during the Christmas season, it becomes even more powerful. If you create an excellent song, there is also a chance that you can sell it one day.

So after you have wrapped your presents and have added a Paper Mart satin ribbon as a finishing touch, why not create a great Christmas song with these simple steps?

  1. The first lyric should be able to convey a warm and pleasant emotion. The first words should always be inviting since it is a Christmas song. Elements such as nostalgia and inviting imagery are also needed.
  2. When you think about the chords to use, it would be better if you go for predictable ones like circle-of-fifths because it is important in Christmas music that you give what people expect to hear.
  3. Popular songs like “Jingle Bells”, “White Christmas”, and “O Little Town of Bethlehem” are perfect examples of melodies that have good sense of contour and design. It is better for Christmas songs to avoid staying to long in one pitch.
  4. Although people won’t really notice it, it is important that you incorporate a formal design in your music because they provide the most compelling elements.
  5. It is important that you convey strong Christmas messages but you should do it in positive ways. Also, don’t get preachy otherwise your music will lose its grip on the meaning of Christmas.