Why Sony Is The Biggest Music Company In 2017

When a technician from pest control services in Sydney arrives to your home, it will be in a marked vehicle and dressed in the appropriate uniform. The best part of the day is spent dealing with customers and resolving pest issues. When the technician works in buildings, the silence can be deafening that is why he listens to music through earphones connected to a mobile device.

If you were to ask about the biggest music rights company in the world today, the most likely answer that you will get is Universal. Universal Music Publishing Group is a very strong player in the music industry but the biggest music company in 2017 is actually Sony. The music operations of Sony generated $6.9 billion in 2017 while Universal Music turned over $6.4 billion.

Universal Music Group is considered as a bigger company than Sony in terms of global recorded music. The UMG labels saw their revenues jump to $503 million last year. Increase in streaming revenues generated $581 million. However, Sony Labels saw a $206 million increase in their recorded music sales. Total recorded music revenue of Universal reached $5.15 billion in total while Sony’s equivalent figure stood at $3.85 billion.

Universal Music Publishing Group had global revenues that reached $965 million in 2017 according to MBW’s calculations. Music publishing reports from Sony Corporation are quite complicated because their revenues are measured by taking Sony/ATV sales and then the results from the company’s publishing interests in Japan are added.

The Sony/ATV figures include 39.8% of the net income of EMI Music Publishing. This represents Sony’s equity share in the company but it does not include the revenues of EMI. The figures however are reported internally because Sony/ATV administers the EMI Music Publishing even if it only owns 39.8 % of the company.

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