What To Expect Of Hidden Door’s Team Building Retreat?

Many years had passed when companies grouped their employees for an out-of-office retreat to aim on drawing them closer together. However, team building activities often create the reverse, says Ben Dattner, an industrial and organization psychologist. Hidden Door provides musical team building activities that will exactly fit the needs of companies, just as what Dattner says.

“Unfortunately, these companies miss the real purpose of team building, which is the opportunity to create teams during the team building exercises,” Dattner says.

Companies settle for rough games such as go-carting and paintball, which really bring out animosity and disagreements among employees, instead of creating a sense of shared mission.

A study shows that offsite events will permit people to know each other all the more at the same time have fun. But once the event is done, people return to their workplace forgetting about the benefits and impact of the team building exercise. If you have tried the team building activities by Hidden Door which includes playing the guitar, you will likely say that it’s worth the efforts of employees.

Below, here is what Dattner offers to make successful team building.

  • It’s essential to have a collective and participative process in creating offsite team building activities. Itisn’ta good concept to have a team building event that is solely organized by the leader of the team. Hidden Door can help suggest musical activities that suit the purpose of why companies should have team building.


  • If you want your employees to improve in their team skills, you should provide an opportunity for teamwork.


  • You should try child-like games that adults can do and will help build cohesion and team spirit. These create a healthy competition among your workers.


  • If the team prefers fun activities, there should also be a consideration for real work the team wants to accomplish. While having fun together, the team should create an opportunity for team dynamics and make possible alterations to roles, strategy, processes, individual and collective responsibilities.


  • The team should set goals on what they want to accomplish during this time together.


  • The team should consider to have an evaluation of the offsite activity and have it reviewed during the meeting. Hidden Door can help create the evaluation and present it to the group.