What To Expect In Smart Home Technology This 2017

Last year, 2016, was considered the year home automation bloomed because of further innovation in terms of Internet of Things, virtual reality and voice control. There are now many audio products that support Auto-3D, DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. We can almost see the possibility of immersive sound cooperation in the future. Here are some thoughts from dealers as well as manufacturers on what consumers can expect in the home automation industry for 2017.

According to SVP product management and marketing of Nortek Security and Control, Robert Beliles, we can expect home automation systems that are easier to operate, smarter as well as have great improvement in terms of security. Majority of the reason why consumers patronize these home technologies is because of the security it provides and how easy it is to use. For 2017, it will still remain the key motivating factor why consumers will continue purchasing these products. Many of these products will upgrade their system in terms of encryption and authentication to enhance security.

According to the president of Crawford Entertainment, Gene Crawford, streaming will be the king when it comes to home entertainment. Many consumers are starting to prefer streaming services and applications instead of the usual cable box. It is now becoming a trend that many cable companies are trying to improve their internet services rather than their cable channels. Television sets and projectors are more affordable than before thus consumers are aiming to have the highest quality when it comes to audio and automation.

There will also be more consumers interested in DIY home automation products as presented by Ron Wanless who is the president of Technology Design Associates. Many millennials are now interested in products that can be done on their own. They either buy these products online or on a local retailer where they can get assistance but wants to set up things on their own. Lastly, voice control as well as network management will be an important key player in home automation systems. Voice control has proven to be more convenient in controlling lights, thermostat and even the music we listen to.