Waihi Mother In X Factor’s Top 12

Sarah Spicer is a local resident of Waihi who showcased her talent to the audience. She joined New Zealand’s X Factor and was proven to be talented granting her a place in the Top 12 along with other contestants.

In an interview, Sarah expressed her excitement and disbelief after the turn of the events. She expressed her excitement to perform for the New Zealand audience and show them what she can do.

After a long day of rehearsals, Sarah treats herself by relaxing inside the hotel room while she rest and prepares her for voice. The mum can’t help but look back at the journey she have had with the X Factor. She gushed about the fun she is having and the great people she is working with which is all very talented.

Sarah is a Waihi mum to her two kids and shared that her motivation for joining was her kids, partner, and all her supportive family and friends.

She also shared her experiences before coming to the New Zealand stage to perform which revealed her 9 years of life in San Francisco and returned after finding it hard to stick to a gig. It was there that she learned how to be a more talented singer and how she dominated the blues scene and even mingled with some celebrity.

Sarah and her partner own a locksmith business and she also too part time jobs such as being a bartender and a nanny. She struggled hard just to pursue her dreams in music. She shared how her entire family are inclined to music – piano-playing mum, all three of her brothers are skilled in playing the guitar while her dad is a singer.

She gave an inspirational advice to other who is also pursuing the career she loves and that is to believe in what they can do and to never pass up an opportunity to shine.

Sarah is looking forward to her future live performances in the X factor show in New Zealand and promises to do the best she can.