Turning Tables In Myanmar To Help The Youth Express Themselves Creatively

Tourists all over the world have started to be curious on what Myanmar has to offer in terms of attractions and experiences. Myanmar is one of the places that have been recently recognized by travellers as a favourable destination for unique experiences. For one night or many nights, a family or a group of friends can stay at service apartment in Myanmar with a fully equipped kitchen and a separate lounging area and dining room.

Myanmar, Tunisia, Lebanon and Libya are not the best places where people will attend a music festival with the goal of helping marginalized people make their voices heard. However, non-profit group Turning Tables has managed to stage concerts in some of the world’s most troubled areas like Tunisia, Lebanon and Libya. Now Asia is starting to reap the benefits of Turning Table’s quest to help young people express themselves creatively.

The latest initiative of Turning Tables was the Voice of the Youth music festival in Yangon, Myanmar. When Martin Jakobsenwas interviewed, he told a story on how kids reacted when they held a microphone for the first time. They were really desperate to express their feelings at being at the bottom of the food chain. Jakobsen wants to empower locals to take the lead.

In Yangon, 36-year old SweHlaing, head of the local office of Turning Tables and better known as Darko C. of post punk rockers Side Effects, is fighting a battle between 2 fronts. On one side, Darko wants to show the people of Myanmar that after the previous years where the music scene was rife with violence between fans and musicians, Voice of Youth festivals can be held peacefully.

Rock music festivals were perceived by people as a place for fighting. It was quite true in the past but the Voice of the Youth festival was free of clashes that plagued other mixed genre festivals in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s past should not deter travellers with their decision to visit the country. Yangon is not only a primary international getaway; it is an amazing destination to explore. There is a service apartment in Myanmar that is ideal for extended stay with the family or friends.