Top Most Favorite Trees In Scotland Related To Music And Macbeth

Scotland has already released their list of tree of the year and many have been included this time such as a sycamore that eats bicycle as well as a spruce in which the seed came straight from the Himalayas. Here are the ones that made it to the shortlist:

  • The Craigends Yew found in Houston Renfrewshire. It is known to be the largest, not to mention the oldest, living tree in Scotland. Experts believed the tree to be more than 700 years old. The girth of the tree actually measures 8.29 meters or 27 feet while the circumference of the crown of the tree is found to be 100 meters or 328 feet.
  • The Morinda Spruce located in Hopetoun which is close to Edinburgh. The tree was said to be planted back in 1824 in which the seed came directly from the Himalayas. After it has grown and developed into a seedling, it was grafted by James Smith, who is the head gardener of the Earl of Hopetoun, onto a Norway Spruce roots.
  • The Ding Dong Tree. This is found in the premise of the Prestonpans Primary School located at East Lothian. The copper beech, according to the head teacher of the school, is already a big part of the school and it is considered as one of the members of the staff already. The name was derived from a tig game developed by the pupils themselves which involves the tree. The canopy is perfect for an outdoor classroom and it is already used many times as a subject in projects involving arts and science.
  • Niel Gow’s Oak located in Dunkeld. Legend says that it is the same tree where the most popular fiddler of Scotland used to hang out in when writing his strathspeys and reels. One of the fiddler’s patrons, the Duke of Atholl, is said to listen from across the River Tay while the music is playing.
  • The Birnam Oak found in Perthshire is said to be the last tree that has survived in which has been mention in the famous play Macbeth. The tree is believed to have been one of Shakespeare inspirations in writing the said script.

These trees have survived over the decades and these are because of the loving care of arborist in Perth. If you are local in Perth and wants your backyard trees to live a long time then it is time to invest in a professional arborist.