Tickets For Adele’s Show In Australia Being Resold For $5,000

Tickets for Adele’s show in Perth’s Domain Stadium were released Monday but they were immediately resold for $5,645.18 through Viagogo.  The ticket price is more than 18 times the maximum ticket price of $308.77 without the guarantee of a seat number. Reselling sites were offering tickets for a price of $2,590.29 for the Adelaide and Melbourne shows with $1,946.29 for Brisbane and $1,349 for Sydney.

Adele’s concert tour of Australia is scheduled for February and March next year. The well-renowned singer has been critical of scalpers and has attempted to circumvent the practice through paperless tickets. There is an extraordinary demand for tickets because it is Adele’s first time to tour Australia.  Scalpers are taking advantage of the huge demand for tickets that they used automated bots to buy large quantities of tickets immediately after they were released so that the tickets can be flipped for inflated prices at reseller sites.

Many people were searching for tickets for Adele’s show and they probably mistook Viagogo as the authorized ticket seller. Actually, the Viagogo tickets were offered through primary ticket seller Ticketek for less than $310. However, Viagogo made use of Google Adwords that ensured high page rankings in the Google search results. The inflated listing prioritized Viagogo over the authorized tickets sellers.

Some of the tickets that were available through Viagogo seems to have been purchased legitimately during the presale offered to stadium members but since a high quantity of tickets were listed very early in the day, it is likely that many were listed for resale even before the tickets have been bought.

Fans posted their frustrations over the difficulty of buying tickets and websites of official agents are trying to cope up with the overwhelming demand. Adele fans who were not able to buy tickets can still watch the second shows scheduled in Brisbane and Melbourne.

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