Things To Live By When Designing A Music Website

Professionalism nowadays equates to a well designed website under your own domain. It is important in every industry and the same goes for music. A musician’s website is mostly about their music, videos, images and dates of their upcoming shows. The one common mistake among musicians is that they took custom web design for granted and focused on content alone.

For website design, there are things you should live by and one of them is using professional photos. While there are many cameras that take quality photos, it is worth to invest in a professional photographer who will take image of you or your whole band. These images will be utilized in your website as these can be uploaded as a header image, a background image and even in the content area while some will be posted for your social media accounts.

The layout of your website will speak volume about you and your music. It should be free from clutter so the main focus will be the contents. Each page should focus on one topic alone. The homepage acts as the portal to other parts of the website. It is important to incorporate a call-to-action button at the homepage to engage your fans or subscribers.

The colors of the website should be complementing and cohesive all throughout. The colors should reflect your music as well as your brand. Choose colors as you would choose your album cover. If undecided, use your main image as the guide and limit yourself to only three different colors. The primary color should be your brand’s representation such as bright red for musicians offering pop music. The secondary color should contrast the main color to make it stand out while the third color should be used as an accent only.

Typography is important as a musician’s website usually has a lot of texts from the biography to the album description. Choose a font that is easy to read. Do not forget that your custom web design should be easy to navigate especially for first time visitors. People are more likely to stay if the website is easy to use and loads fast.