The Undeniable Influence Of Pop Culture In Thailand

The kingdom is known all over the world because of the lovely beaches of Phuket, Chiang Mai best restaurant and mouth-watering street food of Bangkok but Thailand is now making a name in the pop culture industry. BNK48 is currently the most popular girl idol group in Thailand and the second generation was recently chosen. The idol group is one of the international sisters of the original Japanese girl group, AKB48. The first batch of BNK48 was released at the beginning of 2017.

Ever since its introduction, the pop culture has been more prominent in Thai society. Every member of the group presents a good girl image therefore, they have been signed by various brands to represent their television commercials. Due to the warm welcome received by the original members, the production decided to launch a search for the girls that will make up the new generation.

In an event with the fans, 27 members of BNK48’s new generation were introduced at the Quartier Gallery located inside The EmQuartier. The program started with the introduction of the 16 girls, out of 27, as the selected members that will represent the group’s second generation. From the 16 girls, seven are from Bangkok while three of them are from SamutPrakan, a neighbouring town. The rests of the girls came from various parts of the country such as Chiang Mai, PrachuabKhiri Khan, NakhonPathom, Nonthaburi and Chonburi.

The rest of the girls that were not selected for the top 16 were called Undergirls which means that they will comprise a special group that will be responsible for the B-side of majority of the singles they will release. It was no easy feat to become one of the 27 girls because the total number of girls who auditioned reached over 10,000 from different parts of Thailand.

According to NattaphonBawornwatana, the manager of the BNK48, the first and the new generation will have upcoming events together which made the fans more excited. Now there is something more to look forward in Thailand aside from Chiang Mai best restaurant as pop culture starts to influence the cultural country.