The Talked About Cicada Market In Hua Hin

The beautiful unexplored district of Hua Hin may not be the number one tourist destination in Thailand but it has a lot to offer. Thailand has a lot of beaches and the best beach resorts in Hua Hin can be discovered. Aside from the sand and sun, the town has something else to offer when nighttime comes. The Cicada Market is currently the talk of the town for being the ideal evening hot spot not just for locals but tourists and expats as well.

The all year tourism in the district has considerably increased in the past few years but atmosphere remains the same in Hua Hin.

Many years ago, one would not be able to do anything else in Hua Hin except to enjoy the sun, beaches and sand on your feet. Families would drive to the district which is only 3 hours away from the capital Bangkok.

Ever since the tourism industry in the district has developed, they started to add more to the place as well. There are now activities to do aside from swimming, there are things to spend time on when the weather is not so good and there are adventurous options as well.

One of the current attractions that recently opened is the Plearn Wan which resembles an old village which is town-like. During the night time, tourists and locals alike come to the Cicada Market which is one of the well-known spot. Many users have left positive reviews online regarding the hype that is the Cicada Market.

An online user named KRA20 said that the weekend market has a chic vibe that offers a wonderful food court area as well as an artisan market. One will be able to witness live shows as well as catch drink from the various stalls. The food is mostly Thai cuisine but the overall experience is more refined.

Pragya, another online user from Nepal said that beach resorts in Hua Hin are not the only good thing as there is a market that opens during weekends. He used to work during the weekends and feel sad that he is not able to experience everything as every little detail is worth experiencing in the Cicada Market.