The Money Involved In Reality Television Shows

Reality television shows have gained popularity over the years. In the US alone there are dozens of reality television shows and it make up at least 15 percent of television prime time. Keeping up with the Kardashians has become a phenomenal hit as well as the Real Housewives show. Several shows have also been franchised by other countries like the popular Big Brother.

How much does reality television make?

Producers love financing reality television shows because it usually costs only half compared to making narrative shows. Another savings for producers is the lesser money paid to the people involved. Unlike series and movies, one goes out to enlist expensive Hollywood actors and actresses. Reality television shows usually starts a cast of ordinary citizens with different personalities.

There are plenty of mainstream actors and actresses who started their career in reality television shows. From being nobody to becoming a celebrated star, the world of reality television has not only benefited the creators of the show but also the talents in the set.

How real is reality television show?

Viewers often argue about the authenticity of each episode in reality television shows. Are the people in the show given scripts to follow by writers or is everything that they are doing all spontaneous acts? Perhaps the answer is a compromise between the two extremes.

Here are some points to ponder:

• You could not really act spontaneously and genuinely when there are cameras swarming in front of you. In real ordinary life, there are no cameras following you.

• When you artificially create an environment for different people to live, that really does not make it close to reality, you are setting things up.

• On the other hand, people involved are real, packed with different set of personlaities and principles.

So you decide for yourself.

The real money in reality television shows comes in the form of product endorsements. Like the show Real Housewives, the creators plan segments in which the housewives will introduce new products to the viewers. And with the great number of people following these television shows, it cashes in more money in that viewers are influenced by the products endorsed.