The Merging Of Technology And Entertainment

Technology and entertainment are now merging and celebrities are investing their time, money and efforts in tech startups and product designer software. Celebrities are very important in creating next wave tech companies because their endorsements are can be very effective to give encouragement to new entrepreneurs.

Gregory Lowe who is the founder of Songbooth, iFlypt and Fitbox is also an award-winning technology entrepreneur that has conceptualized, developed, launched and marketed successful mobile apps with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Lowe is best known for his Songbooth social music video-making app that has already amassed more than 8 million plus downloads worldwide. Lowe has also developed technology for Grammy-winning artists like Beyonce and Ne-Yo while successfully negotiating licensing deals with all major record labels.

Technology and entertainment used to collide but geeks have hit mainstream from Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg. The public has become excited to find out that there are tech geeks whose earnings rival and surpass those of celebrities. It is more than just the financial success, because these tech stars are as recognizable as Jay-Z or President Obama.

What is interesting is the way musicians and actors have taken to creating their own digital time stamp on today’s generation by creating software and hardware that consumers require daily. Jay-Z has launched Tidal and Lady Gaga has launched Backplane and whether or not you like their ideas, it is proof that the lines of creation in artistic form versus creation in lines of code have blurred.

Entertainers and celebrities have now become indistinguishable from tech stars that have created the platform through which entertainment is now being delivered. The common thread between tech and entertainment is creativity. Tech today is transitioning into modern art because of advancements particularly with the possibilities represented by mobile space.

Celebrities are now investing in the right opportunities like product designer software that will allow them to extend their creativity into passion driven projects that can reach a wider audience and impact on people’s lives. Celebrities involved in technology are highly interesting for most people because it makes them wonder how and why these people are doing what they are doing.