The Impressive Growth Of Apple Music Subscriber Base

Before any NRL game, you will see players walking into their changing rooms wearing those big headphones. What kind of music are the NRL players listening to before they head to the field? Do the NRL players have their own Apple Music playlists?

Apple Music has confirmed that its paid subscriber base has now topped 27 million with an encouraging 7 million that has signed up over the past 6 months. This is the fastest 6-month period in the short history of the platform aside from the initial launch phase at the later part of 2015. The 7 million subscribers that were added have beaten the previous record of 5 million subscribers that Apple added from January to June and June to December periods last year.

The average net subscriber base of Apple Music at 1.2 million per month is certainly impressive but still less if compared the equivalent growth statistics of Spotify. Spotify recently announced that it has surpassed 50 million subscribers in early March of this year which is up by 10 million in less than 6 months. This means that within the 5 and half months period the subscriber base grew by 1.8 million per month on the average.

The good news for Apple Music is its gains on the percentage share of total subscribers. With 27 million paid subscribers right now, and taking into consideration that Spotify has approximately 55 million subs, Apple could take 33% of all the subscriptions across the two platforms. Besides that, it took Spotify more than 7 years from launch to gain 27 million subscribers while Apple Music gained the same number of subscribers in less than 2 years.

However, Apple Music is bolstered by the existence of billions of iOS devices all over world. When it comes to attracting new music streaming customers, Apply Music can rely on the customers of its Apple gadgets.

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