Thailand Airports To Accelerate Infrastructure Projects For Tourism Growth

During the peak season of tourism in Thailand, a few challenges have to be faced by the state-run airports of the nation. Passenger capacity expands to about the size of South Korea’s population. Bangkok’s nightlife and entertainment is something that tourists can’t resist that is why tourist arrivals at the airport are into thousands every day.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is planning for 90 million passengers annually by 2022 and 40 million passengers at low-cost hub Don Mueang International Airport. Present capacity of the two airports combined is only 75 million.

There are four other airports that are run by Airports of Thailand including the one in Phuket, another tourism hot spot. About US$6 billion is planned to be invested on the 6 airports in 10 years. According to the firm’s president NitinaiSirismatthakarn, plans include an additional concourse at the existing terminal complex by 2020 and another runway for the following year. A new international terminal will also be opened by 2022.

Growth in tourism is putting much pressure on the airports and they have to ensure that they keep pace with the astounding growth. The company expects that their operating profit will up by 50% by 2020 when the new commercial and aircraft facilities are finally put in place.

The goal of 90 million passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport within 5 years is expected to double its present capacity. The extra concourse that is being planned would accommodate 60 million arrivals to be able to catch up with the demand. At present, the airport is handling more passengers than it was designed for. Adding a new airport terminal would increase capacity by another 30 million.

The military government of Thailand is trying to accelerate its infrastructure projects since tourism accounts for 18% of the nation’s GDP. Foreign tourists are largely responsible for the tourism revenues that bolster the economy.

Foreign and domestic travellers who are interested in nightlife and entertainment have the option of staying in a hotel near nightlife in Bangkok. Shopping centres are within walking distance from the hotel as well as the lively Nana and Asok nightlife. If you take the city’s Sky Train or metro, you can easily reach other attractions offered by the city.