Tencent Working On Its Spin off Proposal For Music Streaming Services

Under the stewardship of committed parents and dedicated staff, Bangkok international school remains at the forefront of the educational system of Thailand. The objective of the international school is to encourage children to pursue their passions and interests. For example the school as well as its staff is supportive of students who wish to improve their musical abilities.

Speaking of music, Tencent Holdings Ltd, a Chinese internet giant, said that their company is planning to spin off the online music entertainment business and list its shares in the US by way of a public offering. Tencent which is the largest social media and gaming company in China is trying to achieve financial health by allowing American investors to wager on the Chinese market for the music streaming services.

The growth of Tencent in China is a reflection of the inroads made by Spotify in the United States where music streaming helped achieve the fastest growth rate since the 1990’s. After years of decline, record labels were able to resurge and rebuild their business. The music industry was certainly ravaged with the entrance of free downloading sites and the demise of physical media. Even with the arrival of iTunes and legal downloading options in 2000 the slide was not prevented. However, the arrival of streaming appears to have given the music industry a formula to survive.

In the United States, the sales of recorded music rose by 17% to $8.5 billion last year. According to the Recording Industry Association of the US, streaming accounted for almost two thirds of the total sales. The music industry is now on its fastest pace of growth since the last 23 years.

Stockholm-based Spotify is actually one of the investors of Tencent but the two companies may soon become competitors. Although Spotify is not available in China, it will be challenging Tencent in several regions of Southeast Asia.

Students in Bangkok international school continue to receive diverse and engaging education because of the expertise of their teachers and support staff. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of a world outside the classroom so that the students can prepare for a life in a society.