Techies Resort To Google Maps And Music During Traffic

According to Rohan Pereira, a techie from Bengaluru, the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is look at the Google Maps using his mobile phone. He is a resident of KR Puram and he wanted to see the time estimate for him to be able to reach his office located in Bellandur.

He shared how seeing the red lines that are indicated on the map makes his heart sinks but he also admitted that it a part of his daily life is already. He created a group in WhatsApp and invited all his colleagues who are living in the same location just so they can share traffic updates. Rohan reminisced the last two years he have been travelling to his office and cannot remember a time wherein he travelled without traffic.

He said that they can travel a distance of 16 kilometer within 2 hours. They have been trying to carpool with his colleagues but the effort is futile since the roads are still full with other vehicles. To make the journey less stressful, Rohan is always bringing a number of his favorite CDs from music bands he liked.

Techies that are residing within and surrounding areas of Whitefield, Bellandur, Marathahalli, KR Puram and Sarjapur are already complaining from the daily traffic they are experiencing. They have much gratitude for the Google Maps because it is able to provide them with real-time updates. This way, they will be able to check for other alternate routes to make sure they stay away from the heavy traffic zones or they can time their travel on times when the traffic has already cleared up.

Daina Emmanuel is another commiter and her route is between Bellandur going to Whitefield daily. She said that her journey can be completed in juts an hour during good days but the bad days are the worst since she has to spend up to three hours on the road.

This is a proof that maps including illustrated maps are important and have been very useful to humankind especially in this digital age.