Teachers Feels Undervalued According To Research

A study by the OECD reveals that two thirds of teachers feel that they are undervalued. The research was conducted in the different continents worldwide. It revealed that culture had something to do with how one perceives his value. Most Asian teachers have positive perception of their profession than Europeans.

The people in the academe in England feel more valued than those in France. The figure of France was only 5% while England had an above average rating of 35%.

The result of the study by OECD is alarming and shocking for the academics and the researchers alike. The OECD compared the different standards of educational system and teaching methods employed by countries across the globe. Subject to the conduct of their study were 100,000 teachers and administrators across more than 30 educational systems.


The report strongly shows that people engaged in teaching and academic tutoring did not feel that their roles are given importance in society. Only 31% of those surveyed believed that their hard work is being equated with great value.

However, teachers and school heads in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and other Asian countries felt that their profession is valued well by the society. In contrast with Europe, only teachers in Finland courageously spoke that they were confident with what their job has to offer to every generation. England and Netherlands came in next to Finland. On the other hand, for other European countries like Spain, Sweden and France, a shocking nine out of ten teachers admitted that they did not feel the respect that their profession should hold. They felt that their job was not appreciated.

Behavior of students

The study noted factors that triggered the outcome. The ill behavior of students in the classroom is a contributing factor as to why teachers felt they were undervalued.

Incidents of aggressiveness from students where high in Brazil, Sweden, Australia and Mexico. Many students from these countries verbally abused their educators.

No collaboration

The research also found out that most teachers were working alone. They did not collaborate with other teachers. The report suggested that if teachers work closely with one another and gave support for each other, there will be greater job satisfaction in the teaching and tutoring professions.