Spotify To Add Songwriter And Producer Credits On Its Platform

Spotify confirmed that it will be adding the songwriter and producer credits to its platform last February with the feature running in iOS mobile this Ausgust. It is very obvious that the global music industry was very pleased with Spotify’s announcement. Subscribers that are using iOS will be able to view the credits to the songs in the Spotify app if the information will be provided by the record labels.

If the user wants to view the credits on mobile, he only needs to access it through the button that includes 3 dots appearing next to each song. Song credits can be clicked on at the end of the list. The features is already present on desktops where the user only needs to right-click on the track and then select “Show credits” from the options menu.

Record labels are making the effort to complete missing credits. According to AlfonsKarabuda’s  Instagram post, information will be provided by publishers, songwriters and societies in the near future. Karabuda is the chairman of the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA). He is also a composer.

Karabuda has plans for additional ways to correct and provide additional details for the credits. Some of the information provided by record labels is either incomplete or inaccurate. It is important to display the songwriter’s credits on Spotify. ECSA hopes the feature on iOS mobile will evolve to become more efficient. It could also provide better functionality if more information from industry partners are incorporated.

In September last year, MBW has strongly urged Spotify to adopt the songwriter’s credits on the platform. It pointed out that the Secret Genius program that was supposed to ostensibly celebrate composers was more likely a troublesome sub-brand for a company that failed to recognize the songwriters in its core product.

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