Smaller Festivals More Attractive To Music Enthusiasts

Music festivals are currently the trend nowadays. It is commonly held all over the world and organized by large companies as well as highlights events. There are large music festivals that are promoted for the whole country and are able to accommodate a large crowd of people with a number of sponsors from various establishments such as the perfect hotel in Inverness or the leading pizza spot in the area. These are talked about in social media platforms and various channels online that many assumed large festivals are what the people are looking for.

This is not the case in the recent survey that was conducted in order to assess the festival preferences of the whole country. It shows that almost seven out of every ten participants find smaller scale music festivals to be attractive compared to large ones organized for thousands of guests.

This affirmed that boutique festivals are currently rising in popularity because of the desire of the attendees to be able to relax while listening to music. Three quarters of participants said that they are able to enjoy more when it comes to smaller festivals due to the lower stress attributed by the amount of people on site and events going on in comparison to larger festivals.

There are many popular smaller festivals in the country including the Beat-Herder Festival which is held in Lancashire, The Lake District’s own festival called Kendal Calling and one of the reasons why guests are staying in the perfect hotel in Inverness is because of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival which is held in the city.

Small festivals are preferred by music enthusiasts because the music played are carefully selected along with arts and entertainments. Add in the fact that the cost is smaller and the safety of the guests is more guaranteed.

According to Skiddle’s co-founder and director, Ben Sebborn, in the last decade there has been an increase in festivals held in the UK because of the different tastes of the people.

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