Showing Support For The Woodall Family And The Edmonton Police

The city of Edmonton is being flooded with blue ribbons to honor fallen police Constable Daniel Woodall, who died while serving an arrest warrant. Blue ribbons were wrapped around trees, fences and lamp posts. The goal was to turn the city of Edmonton blue.

Constable Woodall is now being considered as a hero and efforts are being made to help the family he had left behind and to make sure they heal and know that their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Blue ribbons have become the primary way of showing their respect for the fallen constable. It is an initiative spearheaded by the EPS Wives Association to honor Daniel Woodall and to offer a show of support that would be visible to the Woodall family and the entire community.

Any ribbon would do so long as it is blue.

Woodall’s family is expected to arrive in the city from Great Britain very soon. The road from the airport and leading to their family home will be lined with blue ribbons. The EPS Wives Association said that their only challenge now is getting enough blue ribbons to fulfill their purpose. Luckily, many neighbors and friends have been calling the organization asking how they can help in their efforts.

A spokesperson for the EPS Wives Association said that the Blue Ribbon Campaign is their way of showing the Woodall family that they are one with them in celebrating and honoring Dan’s life and to also raise awareness throughout the community for the police officers who are out there every day fighting to protect their lives.
In Canada, the EPS Wives Association is considered as the first of its kind. It is also the only one that was allowed to use the police affiliation in their names.

The group’s purpose is to gather the wives and partners of the Edmonton police and become a pillar of friendship and support. In the years since it was first established, the number of members have grown significantly. Now they are a group of 200 people. Unfortunately, the Edmonton Police Station is composed of 2,500 police officers and many of their wives may not yet know about the organization.