Shazam To Be Available In SEAT Drive App For Android Audio

Listening to music while driving can help a person relax and start the day in a good way. However, you have to find out the size and design of speakers that will fit the vehicle. It is relatively easy to find car speakers from Automotive Stuff that will produce the best sounds and ensure your enjoyment.

It was a song on a car radio that led to a car version of Shazam app. Shazam is one of the world’s popular music apps but a driver has to fumble for the phone and unlock it to open the app. The process is quite dangerous for a person who is driving a car.

According to Fabian Simmer, Digital Officer of SEAT, nobody has thought about integrating Shazam into a car. They assumed that there is already an available solution in the market but Simmer was wrong. They were the first car company to make a call to Shazam. What is even more surprising is when Shazam reveled to SEAT that between 70 % and 80% of Shazams were made for 30kmph.

A car is one of the places where you will easily get bored whether you are the driver or a passenger. SEAT wanted to get rid of boredom so that they sent their team to work and develop a solution on how Shazam will look like in the SEAT car. Developers and the connected car team started tests to come up with a favorable solution.

For 2 months, SEAT tested simulators in Martorell, Spain for the car version of Shazam to be available within the SEAT Drive App for Android Auto this April. Most of testing focused on ensuring that the service is distraction-free. SEAT also has to consider legal requirements on distraction from the road. It is a priority for safe driving.

Once upon a time, car radios were the only way to have music in the car and drivers were at the mercy of radio stations. Today, people can listen to any music they want and have them enhanced through speakers. You can upgrade the speakers with Automotive Stuff speakers that have better sound quality and performance.