Samantha Fox On How She Battled Her Eyesight Problem

For musicians, one of their most important assets aside from their voice is their eyesight. It is indeed essential according to optometrist in Engadine because it is one of the five senses. Battling problems with eyesight is never easy, ask Samantha Fox who used to be a model but later on turned to the music industry for a career change.

She started as a glamour model but then found her calling in the pop industry. Through all these years, she was never seen wearing spectacles and many are not aware that she has severe long-sightedness. She survived in the industry with the aid of high strength contact lenses but she never wears glasses when out and about in the public.

She admitted during one of her interviews that she has four different kinds of glasses – for looking, reading and two are glasses that have been prescribed to her. As the years go by, her eyesight has gone from bad to worse that she came to a point where she has 50 pairs of glasses.

Thanks to technology, she has undergone a pioneer operation for lens exchange. This means that the natural lenses of her eyes have been replaced with a sophisticated type of trifocal implants. Samantha said that it is the best thing that happened to her.

Ever since she was a child, her eyesight has always been an issue and she started wearing glasses the entire day when she was 15 years old. A year later, she became a page three model because of her shapely body which she claimed to be al natural. Four years after entering the model industry, she moved on to start a career in the music sector.

Due to the image she was trying to convey to the public, she is not allowed to wear glasses in public but she is also not used to wearing contact lenses. She was forced to do so when she turned 21 because of an opportunity to be a part of the global music stage. According to a well-known optometrist in Engadine, the operation was necessary for the pop singer because of years of being exposed in stage lights as well as heavy smoke machines.