Rural Studio: Its Pros And Cons

In a backyard, there is a small room engulfed with darkness. It serves as a studio but the walls are created using cheap materials while on the door, egg crates can be seen. These crates serve as sound proofing material along with foam rubber. For insulation, the studio is covered with zinc sheets which in turn cause the temperature to rise within the room. In the corner, a fan is gathering dust waiting to be use. The studio evidently does not have innovative windows to block out noise but alternative materials are used.

The owner of the studio, Brian Roters, is 27 years old with stage name Icey B. His studio is in Cross Business Centre, more commonly referred to as PaCross, which is located in Murewa West. His studio in the rural outpost is called Acceleration Records and he admitted that the set up was easy.

Icey B shared how there is a pool of talent that can be found in the rural areas. This is the reason why he decided to start his studio there. His studio is a cheaper alternative to youths who are dreaming of recording their own music instead of going to Harare and spending a lot of money.

Icey B resides in Guvheya village and everyday he is traveling 3 kilometers in order to get to his studio which he views as a hope to the young people in the village who are dreaming to make it big in the music industry. These youths consider Icey B as their hero.

He said that he charges a small fee such as $5 for one track wherein he needs to add vocals while they provide their own beat. He charges $10 if he is required to add both vocals and beat. For contemporary genre, he charges $15 each track. He cannot perform sungura because of the lack of instruments.

In other towns, these aspiring musicians will need to spend around $100 in order to have a single track recorded. Icey B launched his studio two years ago and he was able to record more than 60 artists residing in Murewa.

Icey B is planning to transform his studio into a big one but for the meantime he is making things work with limited resources. Despite not having windows to block out noise, he is positive that he will be able to produce big names soon. He is also hoping to expand in Harare when time comes.