Protecting the Rights of Music Creators and Composers

Many people are passionate about music. You can see them with their earphones while clearing blocked drains or performing their responsibilities in the office. It is also generally assumed that composers and music artists earn tons of money, but is this really true? How many people who earn their keep clearing blocked drainage systems dream of becoming a music artist that will catch global attention?

However, the sad fact is there are less than 2,000 individuals in the United Kingdom that are earning more than the annual national average salary from their PRO royalties. Two thousand is only 0.003% out of the 65 million population and yet the future of the British music industry rest on these few hands. Are professional songwriters and composers about to become endangered species?

Almost everybody is familiar with YouTube that is being used by amateur songwriters and musicians who create user generated content (UGC) to showcase their talents. YouTube claims to pay money to the music industry but it is also the source of 45% of its advertising income. The video owner and the sound recording owner share the remainder with music publishers. The songwriters and composers negotiate from scraps at the bottom of the food chain. YouTube is valued at more than $70 billion while members of the music industry have to share $0.0007 per stream.

BASCA and other creative organizations have called for greater transparency through the digital value chain that includes platforms that facilitate UGC from the record labels, collection societies and publishers and from there to individual musicians and music creators.

The European Commission also proposed to make YouTube and UGC platforms subject to copyright rules that they impose on fully licensed streaming services. However, Google and other groups are strongly opposed to the proposal because it can reduce flexibility and innovations.

The music industry is not going as smoothly as everyone assumes. However, on the topic of drain cleaning, Budget Drains is available 24/7 to respond to any emergencies regarding clogged drains, toilets, sinks, urinals and septic tanks. Even if the issue is a minor one, just make a call to prevent it from becoming a large insurance claim.