Productive Gardening Tips 101 For Beginners

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Fencing and garden designs

Aside from looking for a professional crew to do their fencings, people are also looking for garden design inspirations. When fixing your garden or designing one, you need to be guided by the following basic steps.

  • Clean up. You might be surprised but this is actually the first and very important thing to do. You can start with the lawn, mow your lawn especially if it has more weeds and then give it a very good raking. Through spring raking, you can remove any debris and thatch from winter and fall.
  • Weed out any existing garden beds. If you are new to the concept of gardening that you do not even know the difference of a perennial from a weed, do not worry. You can ask the professional gardeners to help you clean your garden or your lawn.
  • Edge your garden beds. Edging your garden beds means creating a clean break in between the garden area and the grass. In doing this, you can take a flat-edged shovel and cut the edge of your bed. If your garden beds have straight lines, this is now that time to be creative and give it some gently curves. On the other hand, if you have thick grasses on your lawn, this can be a very big task for you. In this case, it is not recommended that you expand your existing beds during your first try. There are edging materials which you can use in order to help you with the task.

Mulch. If your garden space does not have any plants, mulching is very important. Through mulch, it will give your garden a tidy look and will suppress weeds as well as retain the moisture in the garden soil. Just be careful not to put a thick layer on it.