Problems Treated By Podiatrist In Sydney

Podiatrists are medical professionals who treat the problems associated with legs and feet. They treat medical conditions related to feet, injuries to feet and also disease caused to lower legs and feet due to medical conditions like diabetes. Podiatrists are doctors and have a DPM degree.

General duties of a podiatrist in Sydney include performing surgeries, resetting broken bones of the feet and legs, prescribing medicines for foot diseases and ordering lab tests and reports. The podiatrists work in conjunction with other medical specialists to treat medical conditions that affect the foot health.

Some of the common conditions treated by podiatrist in Sydney are

  • Fractures and sprains –These are the general conditions treated by podiatrists. Fractures and sprains to ankles and foot are common problems faced by athletes and sports persons. Podiatrists work closely with athletes and suggest ways and techniques to avoid these injuries.
  • Podiatrists also treat foot problems like Bunions, hammertoes and heel spurs. These conditions are result of bone problems in the feet.
  • Consult a podiatrist to treat nail problems. These problems may include an infection to the toenails or ingrown toe nails.
  • Podiatrists treat foot infections and diseases caused because of diabetes. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that damages the nerves and disturbs the blood flow to the legs. This results in serious foot complications. Patients suffering from diabetes should consult a podiatrist in Sydney for regular check up of feet, to detect any callus or soreness early and undergo proper treatment.
  • Podiatrists also treat Arthritis in the feet. Arthritis is caused by inflammation and swelling in the foot joints. Podiatrists treat arthritis by using different treatment plans like prescribing special shoe inserts, drugs, physical therapy. Surgery is the last option to treat arthritis when all the other treatments fail.
  • Podiatrists also deal with growing up problems in children. Consult a good podiatrist in Sydney, if your child has flat feet, inward pointed feet or malformed toes. These problems can be easily corrected by performing specially designed exercises, using special insoles and using supportive braces. In severe cases, the podiatrist may also advise a surgery to correct the problem.