Points To Consider Before Finalizing A Slate Roof For Your Home

Slate is highly durable and long lasting roofing material available in the market. It was the preferred choice in the yester years and is slowing seeing resurgence in demand. The high quality natural slate available in some parts of the world is very costly. The roofs made in these natural slate shingles are very stylish and stand out from the crowd.

There are many roofing companies that offer Sydney slate roofing to their clients. But before you decide to opt for slate as your roofing material, here are some pros and cons you need to know.

Advantages of Slate roofing

  1. Slate roofing gives a unique and classy appearance to the roof. The natural slate shingles are available in a host of beautiful colours to suit the overall decor of your house. The experienced Sydney slate roofing companies will guide you on the different sizes and options available in slate roofs to suit your requirements and budget.
  2. The slate roofs are fire resistant. Slate being a fire proof material, it provides safety to the house from wild fires, fireworks and fire caused by outside factors.
  3. The slate roofs are highly durable. They have the highest longevity compared to any other roofing material. This makes them environmental friendly. The good looking slate roofs last for about a century if they are properly installed. This reduces the need of frequent roof replacements every few years.

Disadvantages of slate roofing

  1. The natural slate roofs have a lot of weight. All the homes are not designed to bear the weight of slate roofs. Always get a structural inspection of your home before installing slate roofing.
  2. Slate roofs need proper installation to last long. Get your slate roof installed by experienced Sydney slate roofing companies to have a roof that looks good and lasts long.
  3. Slate is very fragile. The roof has to be properly maintained and inspected on regular basis to maintain its durability. It is very difficult to find replacement for broken parts of the roof as slate tiles come in batches.
  4. The high cost of slate roofing is another drawback. Most homeowners are taken aback by the huge installation of slate roofs when compared to other materials like metal, ceramic and wooden shingles. But the high durability of the roof negates the huge installation expenses.

Choose a reputed Sydney slate roofing company, which has experience in proper installation of slate roofs. The company should use high quality natural slate bought from the best quarries to offer high quality roofing to the clients.