Photographer Of Iconic Musicians Passed Away At 88

It was the winter of February back in 1963 when Don Hunstein, a photographer for great musicians, was given the chance to shoot with Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo, his girlfriend at that time. He asked the couple to walk up and down the street covered with slush just outside the apartment of Mr. Dylan in Greenwich Village. Mr. Dylan was wearing a thin jacket during the photo shoot while Ms. Rotolo was bundled in her bulky coat.

One of the photographs by Mr. Hunstein was then used in the second of Mr. Dylan entitled The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. That same photograph was considered as the most popular of all the photos he has taken of various musical giants which are now collected in an archive. During that time, he was employed by Columbia Records as their staff photographer and he worked there from late 1950s until 1986 when the label decided that they will no longer require the in-house photographer’s studio.

Before that photo session outside, Mr. Hunstein has already taken shots of them inside the apartment but was not fully satisfied. He said in interviews before that he was not really planning on doing anything for the photo shoot and the idea just came to mind.

Mr. Hunstein was famous for what he does but no one really knows exactly who he is. It was in March 18 of this year that he passed away at their home at Manhattan 88. According to her wife Dee Anne Hunstein, the culprit was Alzheimer’s disease.

Though he was able to work with great musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Barbra Streisand, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Leonard Bernstein, and Tony Bennett, he did not brag about what he does. He was able to photograph these musicians either during their performances or inside the studio.

Ms. Hunstein shared how Glen Gould would refuse to be taken photograph of but not until his husband came along. Now all the photographs Mr. Hunstein have taken will be archived and these are the one which are worth making into canvas art print.