Phoenix Conservatory Of Music Received Grant From Season For Sharing

The Phoenix Conservatory of Music has been helping children as well as teenagers who want to learn music by giving affordable and accessible music courses. They have been doing this for almost 20 years and recipients are youth residing within the Valley. The organization has no website yet but technology experts believe that a nonprofit web design will bring in more donations from those who want to support the cause wherever they may be.

PCM is annually helping over 2,400 kids with private lesions, group lessons as well as after-school programs. The organization also has a College Prep Program wherein they partnered with Berklee College of Music in Boston. The program is one of the most successful in Arizona because of the high graduation rate of 95 per cent of their high school students.

In 2017, a grant was given by Season for Sharing to PCM worth $5,000 in order to help those students that are not able to afford to go to college after they graduated from the college prep program.

One of their members is Lourde Childs ho is currently 13 years old. He was 6 years old when he started playing the violin and PCM made it possible for him to find another talent which is his singing voice. The nonprofit organization is giving lesions in various instruments such as string, percussion, piano and guitar and they also have an audio and video production.

People who are willing to give donations to Season for Sharing can be sure that 100 per cent of the money is given to nonprofit organizations in the local area. Donors can give through mail, text message or by phone.

In 2017 alone, Season for Sharing was able to give $2.4 million to 159 different organizations. They have been around since 1993 and has distributed over $60 million worth of donations. All of the money is given in local organization in Arizona.

In this age of technology and internet, more people are willing to donate online because of the ease of transactions. Therefore it is recommended that organizations should invest in nonprofit web design to gather supporters and to help raise awareness of the cause they are advocating.