Painters and Decorators – Working Is Easier When There Is Music

As you watch the team of painters and decorators work to complete your home improvement project, you notice that they are listening to the songs you are playing. Yes, indeed, because majority of people love to listen to music. On the streets today, you can’t help but notice both kids and adults with the perfect pair of earphones so that they can listen to their favorite playlists.

Do you know that Spotify has paid at least $2 billion to musicians in the form of royalties? This staggering amount is expected to increase in the coming years. According to Joe Flizzow of Too Phat fame, there are artists who have strong dislike for music streaming services but it about time to embrace digital music wholeheartedly. Artists have no choice because Spotify has transformed pirates into paying users.

Turning digital also has its advantages because musicians can produce high quality content without requiring a professional studio. Years ago, it was very challenging for music artists because they have to record their songs using cassettes and send them to record labels. It often takes weeks and months for a reply. Today, talents can upload their music on services like YouTube and SoundCloud and they can become instant hits without the need for a music label.

However, while digital is king today, it is also important for musicians to have concerts and touring because these are the traditional means of making money. One example is Beyoncé who earned $115 million last year from touring and concerts. Veterans in the music industry like The Eagles and Bruce Springsteen continue to be profitable through touring and concerts. Even if they are no longer actively producing new records, they are still crowd favorites.

A music artist’s work is important because the more albums he has under his belt the greater are the chances to create a hit. It is important to set high standards and put in more effort to penetrate the international market. It is also critical for any music artist or performer to have a goal to ensure global success. Artists should also explore merchandising in order to further boost their earnings.