New Machines To Assist In Orthopedic Rehabilitation For Injured Individuals

When one speaks of rehabilitation people generally assume it is rehabilitation for alcohol or substance abuse. However the term rehabilitation can be used to describe the general reconditioning of an individual or their body to a situation of normalcy. In this stead there are many centers around the world which have been awarded the titles of the best rehab centers in their profession for their work in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered recent injuries.

A new entrant to claim the title of the best rehab service is the Med4 Elite, which is a device that has been created by Game Ready to help with rehabilitation. Game Ready is a company that specializes in the designing and manufacturing of recovery technology which includes massagers and devices like the Med4 Elite. This company recently received approval from the FDA to clear the Med4 Elite as a certified orthopedic rehab unit.

The device operates in four modes each of which can be used to assist in the recovery process. The first mode is the iceless cold therapy where extreme cold is applied to the area needing recovery. The second is a general heat therapy. The third is a rapid contrast therapy where the temperatures will fluctuate between hot and cold very rapidly, similar to how glass is made from sand. The final method of treatment is the pneumatic compression type. Using these four types of treatment, doctors and rehab nurses are given a big set of tools to cure injured body parts. This method of treatment is extremely useful for soldiers who have just sustained injuries in wars, or who have undergone extensive surgery for some body part, such as a surgery for disk prolapse in the spinal cord.

This device has many cool features, which allows it to change its temperatures very rapidly for the rapid change mode. This will not only help athletes who have sustained injuries, but just about anyone who is in need of treatment. Currently, solutions that can help to quickly change temperatures require a large amount of space and a lot of devices. But this new device serves as a panacea for all the problems.