Music Streaming To Enhance The Showering Experience

Homewerks Worldwide, a Chicago-based residential plumbing and HVAC supplier has released a new type of showerhead that will make showering an amazing experience. Homewerks Bluetooth Showerhead and Stereo Speaker can be purchased for $70 so that you can enjoy music while taking your shower.

The Bluetooth showerhead will act as a music player with controls that will allow you to manage volume and music while in the shower. According to Peter Berkman, president of Homewerks Worldwide, their company is always looking for ways to enhance the daily routine and make life more fun. It is without doubt that you will always anticipate showering in your own bathroom because of the music streaming allowed through the Bluetooth showerhead.

Traditionally, people who want music anywhere usually use the outdated shower radio inside the bathroom. The showerhead is an upgrade from the shower radios to enhance the bathroom experience. It consists of two waterproof speakers that have the capability to provide 8 hours of continuous music. The speakers are completely wireless and can be installed behind the showerheads. The6-inch diameter showerhead can deliver 5 different spray functions with a self-cleaning nozzle.

Another option from Homewerks Worldwide smart bathroom products is Bluetooth Bath Fan that can be connected to a mobile device to stream music from overhead. There is also a Bluetooth Medicine Cabinet with speakers that can emit sounds from a connected device. However, it still retains its actual function as a heavy duty shelf for storage purposes. According to the manufacturer, the product can be installed without the need for wiring.

Homewerks is only one of the companies that are offering smart product for the bathroom. Aside from the technological innovations in showerheads, there are manufacturers focused on providing people with efficient, high-end toilets that can be the perfect alternative for your bathroom.

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