Music Streaming As The Saviour Of The Music Industry

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It looks like the global music industry is finally recovering after 15 years of declining revenue. Music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple music can be credited for the recovery of the music industry. Industry body IFPI has attributed the 41% increase in income from streaming that made 2017 the 3rd consecutive year of revenue growth. Last year, the market for global recorded music grew by 8.1% to reach $17.3 billion.

Streaming is now the largest source of revenue for the music industry after it has overtaken sales of physical CD and vinyl. Last year’s income more than doubled due to downloads. According to Tim Ingham, editor of the music sector new site Music Business Worldwide, streaming is the great hope for the future of the industry.

Music industry analyst Denis Simms predicts a massive growth potential for the streaming platforms because of the growing popularity of gadgets like smart speakers. He further said that music streaming is reaching the saturation point in the Nordics. The lucrative markets right now are the United Kingdom and United States. Streaming is making inroads into the mainstream audiences. Even China has 600 million users of streaming platforms even if the paid subscriptions represent only 15 million of the figures.

However, music streaming must compete with rival radio worldwide to be able to secure a greater portion of advertising revenue. The industry must also take steps to cope up with music piracy because of the entry of digital recordings.

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