Music Mail Order Challenges Digital Revolution

Thanks to a tiny advertisement she spotted in the Gazette, Liz Leatherdale would have never been able to get the chance to be employed in one of the famous classical music record company in the world.


If she never got employed for Colchester based Chandos, Liz would have also never been able to get the chance to start her own mail order service for classical music. Despite the current digital download age, her mail order service is defying the odds and now celebrating its 10th anniversary.


About Liz Leatherdale


She was born in Colchester. In an early age, she already studied music. She was motivated by her late mother, Mary Goodwin. She went to Colchester Institute and the Guildhall School of Music.


In the late 70s while playing music in the Colchester Silver Band, she met her husband.


An opportunity at Chandos


Liz worked at BBC and put long hours for money which was not enough. It was when she came through an advertisement on the local newspaper.


According to Liz, she already had plans to move from Colchester where she was living, and Chandos was in London. She was unaware of it until she saw that tiny ad in the newspaper. She added that she is thankful to Chandos for the opportunity for her to do the job that she loves.


Liz was employed at Chandos for nineteen years. She was included in a team that helped do the mail order part of the business.


She said that when Chandos stopped the mail orders, she remembered sitting down and thinking about what she is to do next.


She thought she had the perfect job with marketing and music. It was her son Harry that initiated the idea to create the job herself. This is what she pursued.


It was this time that Colchester Classics started.


About Colchester Classics


Her vision was for the company to be a personal, friendly and knowledgeable CD service giving the highest quality.  The company offers a personalized service that one can’t get from any website. She recognizes the value of personal touch, the help in identifying customer preferences and giving guidance.




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