Music Health Alliance To Help Nashville Singers, Songwriters And Musicians

Emmylou Harris, Chris Stapleton and Dierks Bentley are some of the country’s biggest names that have pledged their support for Music Health Alliance, a non-profit organization that helps people in the music industry in navigating the changing health care landscape.

Music Health Alliance aims to help musicians, artists, songwriters and other individuals that work in Nashville’s music industry in purchasing insurance and finding affordable care and resources so that they can pay their medical debts. The non-profit organization also plans to add two more to their staff so that they can help people associated to the music industry in finding the right coverage.

All the services that Music Health Alliance is offering are free including negotiating with insurance providers and helping patients in interacting with billing departments. The expansion of the services of Music Health Alliance came at the most pivotal and confusing time in health care. Drastic changes in the individual health insurance market have become quite challenging for those who need care. The nation is divided on Congress’ plans to either repeal or replace the Affordable Care Act.

About 56,000 individuals are working in Nashville’s music industry and about 75% do not have access to employer-sponsored health care insurance. Music Health Alliance was able to help about 5,600 individuals across the country to save more than $16.5 million in 4 years.

According to singer/songwriter Andrea Davidson, health can have a serious effect on their profession. For 6 years, she lived without insurance because she made all efforts to stay healthy. When she needed treatment, Music Health Alliance helped her in getting treatment and in navigating the insurance system so that she can continue to write songs.

Popular Nashville singer/ songwriter Rodney Crowell wants people from the music industry to pledge at least 5% of their earnings on October 20 for “Heal the Music Day” in Nashville.

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