Music Festivals Join Hands In Preserving Mother Nature

One of the hottest issues in the past few months is the impact of plastic in the environment. There are campaigns initiated to ban the single-use, disposable plastic bags while Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan said that there are food establishments that have vowed to stop using plastic straws which end up in the ocean. The food industry is not the only one making some major changes because music festivals are also trying to contribute to help save Mother Nature.

Plastic waste is everywhere and everyday evidences are being posted online to show how it affects the environment, the marine animals and the ocean. According to data, 500,000 tonnes of garbage made of plastic coming from the European Union annually are getting mixed up with the ocean. This is the main reason why the European Commission has mandated that single-use plastics should no longer be allowed all over the European Union.

The top plastic wastes in Europe are straws, fishing gear and drink containers. These along with seven other single-use plastic wastes are responsible for 70 per cent of the marine wastes. All over the planet, 85 per cent of the garbage in the bodies of water is actually plastic wastes. This is one of the problems faced during music festivals because the aftermath is a mountain of plastic wastes.

The good news is that a number of music festival organizers are trying to do something about it. In fact, the music festival entitled Another Love Story which is to be held in Co Meath decided to make a change by creating a sustainable steel cup. The initiative was made possible with the partnership of O’Hara’s Brewery. According to its founder and CEO, Seamus O’Hara, he agreed with the proposition because of the sustainable end goal of the music organizers of Another Love Story.

It is not the first time they have supports music festivals and events but he admitted that the amount of plastic wastes because of pint cups has been bothering him. This is why he decided to agree with the team-up. Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan applauds the support of the music festivals and hopefully with time all the South African fast foods will also follow suit.