Movie Songs Featured At Boat That Rocked Show

If you have booked at the Novotel resort in Phuket at the beginning of this year, you might have witnessed the best show in the island for the entire year. It is not the same its predecessor show called The Phantom of the Popera. During The Boat That Rocked, special performances were offered by the choice students who are enrolled at The Phuket Academy of Performing Arts. They were given the chance to sing and play together with the professional musicians and entertainers on a big stage setup.

The major focus of the show was movie songs and the cast was able to provide a variety with the 40 sons they have sung from over 70 different movies.

Gary Crause, the show’s producer, said that majority of the eras of movies as well as music they have tried to include in the show. Despite this, they can only include a limited number because the show only runs for two and a half hours. He added that efforts were made to make sure that the huge ones are included. At the end, they have decided to leave songs from famous and amazing musical plays like The Blues Brothers, Hair and Grease.

He was happy because the 39 songs they have chosen were a certified hit to the audience and they surely made them hit the dance floor with much gusto.

The cast was able to perform a variety of numbers including My Heart Will Go On, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Rock the Boat, Footloose and Xanadu among many others. They also performed classics songs from movies loved by the audience.

Gary was proud to say that the show was able to provide a bit of disco, a hint of soul, lots of pop from the 80s as well as rock n roll numbers. There might be many events this December but he is sure that this show took the stage. During the show, the audience was encouraged to dress up. For tourists planning to book at the Novotel resort in Phuket, watching a music show is a must for an unforgettable experience at the resort island.