More Developers Offer Luxury Living For Pets

Pet friendly luxury self catering in Scotland has been offering pet-friendly accommodations in Scotland. In the US, more buildings are becoming pet-friendly and some have even improved amenities to cater family pets by offering dog parts, club rooms for dogs, and even their own swimming pools.

Richard Lake, founding partner of Roadside Development, said that their accommodations needed to be a place that a person may feel comfortable bringing pets. His company’s City Market offers a rooftop dog run.

Some accommodations even offer dog-walking, grooming, and even spa sessions which include fitness classes for the pets.

Emily Moreland of Moreland Properties, which markets the Austonian building, says that having pet-friendly amenities is a big draw. She even lives in the building with Sugar, her border collie.

The Ritz Carlton Residence in Miami Beach plans to offer a leash friendly dog part along with spa, grooming, and dental services for pets.

The nearby Intracoastal Waterway, opening in 2016, also plans to feature a shaded pathway for dogs. Ophir Sternberg, CEO of Lionheart Capital, which develops the building, says that they really intended to go out to accommodate pets. He intends to move into the building with his 7-year old Maltese.

New York, MiMa is a luxury rental development, which opened in 2011, houses a 1,000 square foot dog club called Dog City. This club is “members only” and it caters to the dog residents of the building. Dog City has a dog-bone shaped pool available for dogs, an indoor day care run by dog whisperers, and play date services that allows dog owners to schedule play dates with other puppies. Moreover, there are even yoga and treadmill sessions for dogs.

Membership in Dog City costs $250 a year. This includes grooming services such as ear cleaning and pedicure. They also provide daily report cards on pet behavior. Owners of member dogs may purchase additional services such as monthly walking and overnight dog sitting.

In the The Austonian is a 600 square foot outdoor dog park located on the 10th floor. It has a couch and table for the owners while their dogs are out there enjoying themselves.

They also allow owners to use bathtubs and grooming tables for their self-service grooming. This includes free shampoo, conditioner, and towels. Ms. Moreland says that it would be awkward to not accommodate the pets of their residents.