Modern Teens’ Oblivious About Traditional Jobs

The most common types of jobs available are those done by skilled workers and professionals such as construction jobs and electricians in Perth. According to a latest survey that was conducted, most of the modern young people of this generation have no idea of the traditional jobs.

The survey was conducted on people with ages ranging from 16 to 35 years old. Half of the participants have admitted that they have no inkling regarding many of construction job titles. Experts have expressed their view on the matter and believed that this lack of knowledge could be the very reason why most youngsters are not able to grab opportunities presented by these lucrative careers.

Traditional jobs are those considered the backbone in the field of construction and almost half of those surveyed admitted that they have no idea about certain job titles such as masons, glaziers and welders.

Another part of the survey was focused on electricians and the result was not something expected. According 20 per cent of the participants with ages ranging from 16 to 35 years old, they though electricians are people who are working in the entertainment industry and devote their skills to making electronic music.
Fifty one per cent of the participants were able to state correctly what welders do, 48 per cent were able to recognize what glaziers’ role is and around 39 per cent were able to recognize the work dredgers do. The study was conducted by, a site for building insurance.

Almost all of the 2,000 participants who were asked knew about other jobs such as plumbers, lorry drivers, plasterers and carpet layers.

According to Lyndon Wood, the owner of the website, it is important that the survey result was revealed in order to emphasize what the young British people are missing. Their lack of knowledge of the backbone jobs of construction is alarming since these jobs used to be the most common ones in the United Kingdom.