Millennials Spending More On Engagement Rings In Melbourne

 Whenever you are someone who is fond of owning, collecting and even wearing a nice set of jewelleries, you should consider yourself, very lucky. Why? It only means that you can afford to buy those jewelleries and feed you and your family 3 to 5 meals on a daily basis. You see, jewelleries are things that one shouldn’t even joke about because a single jewellery, let’s a nice diamond pendant, can cost around 1000 US Dollars or even higher. In fact, only a few individuals in the world have managed to be a certified jewellery collector like the likes of Imelda Marcos, the widow of the late Filipino dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. There are many kinds of jewelleries to begin with and all jewelleries have their designated purposes. For example, you’re probably someone who is about to propose to your long-time girlfriend. The perfect thing to do is to look for a store which sells engagement rings in Melbourne. The purpose of the engagement ring that is worn by women is to simply let other people know that she is already taken and is about to get married real soon.

Despite the fact that engagement rings in Melbourne are considerably expensive, more people are willing to pay a big amount of money for them.  In a report that was published last March of this year, millennials are among the people around the world who have been found to be spending big amounts of money, all for an engagement ring.  In fact, the said report has discovered that these marital age people are spending an average of 912 Australian Dollars on an engagement ring. That’s already a big jump from what their parents have spent back in the day when engagement rings in Down Under Australia in particular only cost around 500 Australian Dollars back in 2013. That’s almost a 500 Dollars price jump and yet, these millennials don’t mind paying big bucks for it at all. It seems that Australian millennials have been affected by the change in the cost of living in various cities around Australia which made them develop this specific sentiment towards marriage.