McDonald’s China Chooses Bosch Commercial Sound Systems

Music is an important element in restaurants besides the quality of food, ambience and service. At the family dining in Gymea, it is believed that music can enhance the dining experience. However, it is important to choose the kind of music properly because there will many opinions on how loud the music must be played and what should be played.

Bosch commercial sound systems were chosen by McDonald’s China for its new generation flagships. The flagship restaurant will include menu ordering, delivery to the table, McDonald’s app, WeChat applet member points, mobile payment and electronic menus. On the first floor, you will find a standalone order counter, interactive electronic game and somatosensory technology that will allow a virtual ball to be kicked all the way to the second floor.

Restaurant music and public address systems will use Bosch Plena mixer amplifier that feeds to a LC6-100S-L ceiling-mounted compact sound speaker system. The complete loudspeaker package is ideal for background music in restaurants, bars, patios and retail stores. The complete loudspeaker package includes a high performance, ceiling mount, 8-inch subwoofer module with crossover network that will support 4 ceiling mount, 2-inch, satellite speakers.

For each of the floor plans of McDonald’s flagship restaurant, Bosch has designed a configuration of commercial sound speakers using EASE Address acoustic modelling software. The sound system will be customized for each individual restaurant so that the best sound can be provided.

According to Ma Lijie, director of development department for McDonald’s China, the company decided to invest in background music to provide customers with a good feeling and bring more and better business. Since Bosch has a wide product range, it is expected to meet the music requirements of McDonalds’s. In the coming years, even the smaller restaurants that McDonald’s plans to add in different locations will have the Bosch sound system.

Having a selection of playlists helps family dining in Gymea to choose the kind of music that will played all day. This eliminates the dilemma on last minute decisions to simply put anything on. Customers are usually happy with slow tunes but sometimes the mood of the room may require something fast and loud.