Marriage Equality Celebrated With A Music Event

Marriage equality has been an issue in Australia ever since and a wedding coordinator in Sydney would know as they haven’t organized a wedding for same sex couples before. With the post ballots already going around the letterboxes of everyone in Sydney, many are urging the creative community in the city to give their support to the community of LGBTIQ individuals. The marriage equality vote is being conducted by the Federal Government.

Last week, the organization of Reclaim The Streets were able to witness an amazing amount of support that was shown by the public. Because of this, they are planning to organize one more event to highlight the importance of sending their votes as early as possible.

According to Jack London, the representative of Reclaim The Streets, it is their goal to encourage people to cast their votes as early as possible as soon as they receive their ballots on the mail because the first few days can be a critical stage.

The votes will be likely suppressed if the returning of the ballots is delayed. If people does not give urgency to the matter, they will eventually forget about it or postpone doing it another day which could lead to forgotten ballots while others are damaged or lost. The free music festival that is being hosted by the organization is their attempt to encourage the public to join the Mass Postal Vote as soon as possible.

Those on the opposition are also conducting distractions as mentioned by Jack. It is concerning to many especially those who are members of the LGBTIQ community. Peter Fraser and Gordon Stevenson, one of the first few couples from Australia who got married in the United Kingdom under the British Consulate after the law was amended, are quite concerned by the distracting tactic of the groups not in favour of marriage equality.

Though their marriage is not yet recognized in Australia, they are hoping that it might change soon with the ongoing votes. It might be possible that a wedding coordinator in Sydney will organize same sex marriage soon. Before this become a law, people are encouraged to vote early and the upcoming music festival on September 23 will remind everyone the importance of casting their votes.