Magnets And Music

Devices like ref magnets, loudspeakers and small electric motors make use of hard ferrite magnets because of its resistance to being demagnetized. Soft ferrites that have lower coercivity are frequently used in the electronics industry to create the ferrite cores of transformers and inductors. Extremely cheap and corrosion resistant ferrite magnets in Brisbane are available through online sources.

It can be surprising for many people but it seems that there is an existing connection between music and magnets. An entry that was posted in October 9, 2014 by Apex Magnets revealed that it is very unlikely for electric guitars to be invented without magnets that would amplify the sound emitted by the musical instrument.

The electric guitar was invented in the 1930’s by George Beauchamp and Adolf Rickenbacker. They built an electromagnetic pickup which is a device that captures mechanical vibrations and transmits them as an electrical signal. In order to create the electromagnetic pickup, coils of wire are wrapped around a magnet so that a magnetic field can be created to allow sounds to be amplified and recorded.

The magnetized piano harp was created by a Brooklyn-based musical instrument, Andy Cavatorta. The musical instrument uses a piano for its frame with a series of electromagnets to attach the steel strings. Once the electromagnets are activated, the strings can create a melody.

A musical instrument that can be considered as exceptionally unique is the Magnetovore, a string-less magnetic cello that uses an electromagnet to produce different sounds while it moves across a tightly wound copper coil.

In the New York Makers Faire installation, the whole musical show was made possible through magnets. Through the help of music and magnets, metal filings were able to move to the beat in a pattern that resembles dancing. Magnets were also used in the headphones and speakers.

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