Judge Ruled Against Relocation Of Music Archive By Prince

It is hard to look for hard copies of music by Prince even in sites such as classified ads Los Angeles thus his siblings are worried about the archive they have stored in a vault. They asked a judge to grant them the permission to move the archive of Prince’s unreleased music which is located in Hollywood. This is because they are afraid that the wildfires currently going on in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas could harm their brother’s music.

Court documents showed that the court is not willing to give them access to the unreleased music because the vault where it is kept is in no immediate danger posed by the wildfire. The legal firm responsible for the estate of Prince is Comerica Bank and Trust and they are the ones who contested the request.

The vault is located inside the Iron Mountain Facility which is a popular storage firm for entertainers as well as organizations such as Grammy Awards. The closest fire to the facility is the Skirballblaze which spans 422 acres and is one of those that affected the southern part of California. It has almost damaged the neighborhood of Brentwood as well as Bel-Air, both in Los Angeles.

It continues to burn but the distance from Iron Mountain is approximately eight miles. According to news outlet, 85 per cent of the fire has already been eliminated.

Comerica lawyers said that the siblings of Prince should have conducted their own research in order for them to know that the Iron Mountain facility is not even close to the wildfires and the blaze poses no risk to it. According to a report, the entire estate left by Prince is given to his sister as well as his five half-siblings.

The lawyers also said that the Hollywood Facility is far from risk because the fire will have to pass through a number of locations first including the campus of UCLA, the entire neighborhood of Beverly Hills and miles and miles of commercial spaces located in the western side of Hollywood. As of the moment, the archived music of Prince is safe. Fans who wish to find other memorabilia from the late artist should check out site such as classified ads Los Angeles.