How Twitter Makes You Watch Football Live

Another way to ดูบอลสด is on Twitter. The Thursday night NFL game was viewed by more than two million people for the past three weeks. A million more will use social media sites to watch even the very first presidential debate.

How They Struck the Deal

So why is NFL allowing Twitter to feature the games? Simply because they paid around US$10-million for the rights, although they weren’t reportedly the highest bidders. A huge benefit makes viewers ดูบอลสด through Twitter and not just through cable or broadcast. It will surely make advertisers know their viewers and how they watch it.

Meanwhile, Twitter is reaching out to millions of football fans to engage in their platform and have audiences live streaming. So why are viewers watching such games on Twitter? Firstly, they watch it as there is no available television.

NFL plays close watch to all its rights on television, so if you’re not a licenced holder like CBS, NBC or NFL network, you are not authorised to access the games. It’s like buying music from an authorised dealer.

A Better Viewing Experience?

When you ดูบอลสด on TV, you’ll permanently watch the game from there. If you choose Twitter cast, it may have a significant delay, probably around 30 seconds, due to latency.

If you had to watch the game on TV, you’ll immediately hear responses of the big game before it’s unfolded on the screen. You can even have score alerts viewed on your phone, so you know what really is happening before you see it.

More people are just thrilled to ดูบอลสด in real time. These have made programmers immune to time changing technologies like streaming or DVR recording. Previously, some networks have ventured in using social media discussions to push viewers to watch football during scheduled broadcasts. They have actors and writers live tweet or promote hashtags during the show, where they create a media event or conversation about a weekly episode.

What This Implies on the Future

Twitter cast may not prove to be revolutionary; but they have come up with innovative questions on the next developments for Internet-provided TV. Television are really a live medium, but social media platforms like Twitter can possibly make you ดูบอลสด in real time. You can even watch political speeches and breaking news here as well.