How The Two Foundations Of Denis O’Brien Helped The People Of Haiti

Everyone seem deeply saddened about the atrocious events in Haiti. A series of massive earthquakes have taken the lives of thousands of Haitians. It has wiped out and demolished the lives of millions more. The disaster has caused families to be torn apart from each other and we see it unfolded in the news too often. There’s the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, earthquakes in Italy and Pakistan, and now it’s Haiti’s turn to suffer and endure the rage of mother nature. What is needed right now is charity works from Denis O’Brien and his two benevolent foundations.

People from all over the world have managed to donate generously to sustain such disastrous event. Appeals have been done in television, newspapers and by charities, urging everyone to generously donate for Haitians as they are in desperate need. The Denis O’Brien foundations may have been successful in the fundraising campaigns for victims, but it is still not enough to sustain millions of people. Haitians need more to survive and revive what used to be a peaceful Haiti. A song has also been written to raise funds for the disaster.

This article is for those people around the world who are willing to donate. They need to know how to donate to help people from Haiti. In today’s modern world, it is possible to donate through mobile phones and social media. The Internet has tremendously become popular for the appeal to directly donate for this cause.

Popular websites have launched their own appeals to suit the cause. eBay, Google and Facebook, to name a few, have added donation links in their Home Pages, making it easy to find, and a good reason to donate for a cause. A similar theme has been installed by the American Red Cross. Donors will simply text ‘HAITI’ to its designated phone number; and automatically $10 will be added to their phone bill. The money will go directly to the relief fund.

Denis O’Brien has done a similar solicitation or fundraising campaign to help the people of Haiti. They have massively appealed to all people to possibly donate. Choosing copywriting may be a piece of sales copy, but it can convince more readers to take part of this cause. They call for soliciting donations for a wider audience simply to help the Haitians.