How The UK Music Industry Will Be Affected By The Final Departure From The EU

Even boiler engineers love music. There are also occasions when they are not on field to respond to boiler emergencies and requests for the installation of heating systems. Yes, indeed, boiler engineers consume music digitally or collect vinyl records of their favorite artists.

In the UK, the music industry is similar to its counterparts in other countries that are experiencing a tough time adapting to the recent technological shakeups. It is very obvious that the music industry is also on a period of uncertainty regarding the future relationships with the European Union after the exit. Everything is still subject to serious negotiations until the final departure on the spring of 2019.

The music industry’s annual Record Store Day enjoyed a boom in the sale of the old-fashioned vinyl records. Everybody expected that vinyl records will die a slow death following the popularity of CD’s but recently vinyl records are outselling digital music downloads. However, in 2020, there is the risk that singles and albums will cost considerably more during the annual Record Store Day.

Why would vinyl releases cost more? If the UK does not manage to conclude a favorable deal with the EU, tariffs will be applied to goods coming to the UK and these include vinyl records that are manufactured in EU-based factories. With the tariffs, vinyl records will certainly cost more which will be passed on to consumers.

If the price of vinyl records go up, there is an option through music streaming or downloads. Leading music streaming services from Spotify to Apple Music are multinational companies with their own pricing policies. Apple has recently increased the price of its apps in a move than is widely attributed to Brexit. If the pound falls further, it is expected that Apple Music subscriptions will follow.

It is not yet known how Brexit will affect businesses like APH Heating Ltd considering that they involved in services and not physical goods. Things are becoming more complicatedand politicians as well as business leaders are asking the UK to preserve access to EU single market. Goods will be covered by a single market in EU but the market for services is still in progress.