How Studiobkk’s Restructuring Of Hospitality Websites Has Brought Down OTA Expenses

Owning a hotel or resort is a difficult job. There are multiple things to worry about right from the management of the hotel right up to driving internet traffic to pull in new customers. Almost 25 years ago, help came for these hotel owners in the form of online travel agents, who would collect information from numerous hotels in the area, and then display it collectively for the user. For those hospitality management companies that were in a slump, OTAs effectively proved to be their gateways to days of higher customer traffic. In short, these online travel agents acted as buffers between the people and the people. This definitely did boost sales for the smaller chains or hotels, where the costs of publicity and marketing would be too high. However, for those hotels and websites already performing exceptionally, this change brought down their sales. In order to boost their sales up, they had to subscribe to these OTAs. Eventually the OTAs had monopolized the entire hotel industry’s marketing segment, and could then begin to charge high fees to the hotels for their services. Naturally, this cut into the profit margins of the hotels.

Now though, website design companies like Studiobkk are able to organically draw in customers without the need for an OTA. These companies restructure the website with enticing UI and UX elements, to attract customers, and then retain the customers using perfectly worded calls-for-action. Another way that these companies are able to bring in these customers is by using SEO to drive reachability for their websites. By driving up the customer acquisition and customer conversion statistics, they are in effect giving the hotel management the ability to break away from OTAs and sustain growth by themselves. In essence, companies like Studiobkk are altogether eliminating the need for OTAs and proving that careful restructuring of websites can indeed drive traffic up.

This does not necessarily mean that the end of OTAs is near. OTAs will still be the major source of traffic for hospitality websites. But in some cases, digital marketing and restructuring of company websites can do more good than OTAs can.